Business Checking

Our business checking products are built for business! We offer many types of checking accounts suited to businesses of all types. If you have any questions about our checking account programs, please give us a call!

  Min. Deposit
Monthly Fee
Interest Misc Apply
FREE Business Checking* $100 - - FREE Debit Card
100 FREE Transactions per Month
FREE E-Statements
FREE Online Banking
FREE 24 Hr. TeleBank
Regular Business Checking $100 $9 - $0.05 Checks deposited (not on us)
$0.15 Paper debits
$0.10 Paperless debits
Earnings credit applied to offset account
fees and charges
Non-Profit Business Checking $100 $8 - Unlimited Transactions
Investment Checking** $1,000 $7 0.05% APY $0.05 Checks deposited (not on us)
$0.15 Paper debits
$0.10 Paperless debits


* FREE BUSINESS CHECKING: $.50 fee for each transaction above 100 limit (includes paper debits, deposited items and paper deposits.)


** INVESTMENT CHECKING RESTRICTIONS: Interest rate and annual percentage yield could change weekly at First National's discretion. Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day when we receive credit for a deposit. Interest is compounded monthly, calculated on the average available balance, and paid monthly. If the account is closed before interest is credited, depositor will not receive accrued interest.