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Broken Arrow Rotary

Broken Arrow Rotary  Broken Arrow Rotary

First National Bank has been a strong supporter of our non-profit community. Not only do we have wonderful relationships with our local organizations from a banking point of view, but many of our employees spend a significant amount of time volunteering for them in their spare time.

Service Above Self in Broken Arrow.


Rotary International was founded in 1905 by Paul Harris in Chicago, Illinois so professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas, form meaningful, lifelong friendships, and give back to their communities.

The Broken Arrow Chapter has followed those guiding principles since its founding in 1965. Locally, the organization raises and delivers more than $60,000 for student scholarships and assistance to other area non-profits.

“We are committed to helping members of our own community, but we’re also focused on several societal causes such as eradicating polio and providing clean drinking water and sanitation to people all around the world,” said Michael Skates, BA Rotary’s President.

First National Bank of Broken Arrow has been BA Rotary’s bank since the organization’s inception. Scott Graham, the former President was a Rotarian and provided both significant financial resources and countless hours of volunteer time. Today, Greg Graham and his family along with many FNBBA employees are continuing that tradition.

“Our relationship with First National Bank is very special to us,” Michael continued. “in fact, they have created a very special scholarship that we award each year to a deserving high school senior. It’s truly a great partnership that we treasure.”

Broken Arrow Rotary meets weekly at First United Methodist Church in Broken Arrow. For more information, visit barotary.org.

Glenn Shaw, Shaw Homes

Glenn Shaw, Shaw Homes
 Glenn Shaw, Shaw Homes

Constructing communities – it’s what First National Bank of Broken Arrow has helped do since 1902. From small to large businesses – and everything in between – we’ve been there to help lay the foundation.

Building Homes of Quality and Distinction.


Glenn Shaw is a dyed-in-the-wool homebuilder. From a very young age, he was always around the homebuilding industry, working on construction sites with his father and uncle. In 1995, Glenn went into business for himself – becoming the owner of his family’s homebuilding business, Shaw Homes.

“Shaw homes is unique,” says Glenn. “We tour potential customers through 14 decorated model homes so they can see what they are buying before they build. We also have a large Design Studio where customers can see and select all their materials and finishes in one spot.”

First National Bank has worked with Glenn over the years to help him grow his company into a highly successful enterprise.

“First National Bank has created flexible financing solutions for us,” Glenn recalls. “They’ve been available and capable of meeting all our needs. It’s a great partnership.”

Shaw Homes has been in business since 1995 and specializes in crafting quality homes in conjunction with developers who share their deep commitment to quality. For more information, visit shawhomes.com.

Daniel Kirby, Owasso Fence Company

Daniel Kirby, Owasso Fence Company
 Daniel Kirby, Owasso Fence Company

At First National Bank of Broken Arrow, we love to help small businesses succeed – even those who are located outside of Broken Arrow. Since 1902, our commitment to customer service along with a tried and true banking philosophy have allowed us to help all types of businesses grow and prosper.

Tulsa’s Premier Ornamental Fence Installer.


In 2010, Daniel and Shannon Kirby became small business owners by purchasing A-1 Fence. A few years later, they purchased Owasso Fence Company and merged the two under the Owasso Fence brand.

“My wife and I wanted to build something for our future,” says Daniel. “a business that would give us flexibility in our schedules and lives as we raise our family.”

When it was time to purchase both companies, Daniel looked to First National Bank – the same bank Shannon’s family had worked with decades before.

“The people at First National Bank helped us finance the purchase and still do so much for us,” Daniel says. “they’ve allowed us to function the way a real company should. Our line of credit with them helps us buy in bulk, which costs less. And, they handle our financing, credit card processing and remote check processing that save us time and money.”

Owasso Fence has enjoyed steady growth over the years because of their high quality craftsmanship and how they treat their customers and their own employees.

“We treat people like we want to be treated. That’s what allows us to have such great customers and employees,”, Daniel adds. “Our bank’s staff has always treated us that same way. In fact, we almost consider them as an extension of our company.”

Owasso Fence Company specializes in high quality ornamental fences and gates for customers in and around Tulsa. For more information, visit owassofence.com.

Devin Wanzor, U.S. Sign & Screenprinting

Devin Wanzor, U.S. Sign and Screenprinting
 Devin Wanzor, U.S. Sign & Screenprinting

Since 1902, First National Bank of Broken Arrow has helped individuals pursue their dreams of owning a small business. Our people have a special passion for entrepreneurship and work diligently to provide financial resources for those who bravely take the leap.

Not Just Another Sign Company.


Devin Wanzor wasn’t always a sign guy. In fact, his background was in the banking industry. He knew someday he would fulfill his dream of owning and operating his own small business.

In 2013, after a large out-of-state institution acquired the local bank where he worked, his big opportunity presented itself in the form of a well-timed lunch with one of his bank customers, Wayne Pyle.

Wayne was looking for a partner to help him run U.S. Sign & Screenprinting, a sign company he was in the process of acquiring. And Devin was the perfect fit. About 18 months later, Devin recruited Jonathan Cowan as a third partner. The three partners all shared a passion for growing small companies, building high performance teams and taking great care of customers.

“U.S. Sign has been around Tulsa since 1950,” says Devin. “We are having a great time leading the company through the next phase of its evolution.”

“As our banking needs evolved and our company grew, the timing became right to move our banking relationship to First National Bank of Broken Arrow,” Devin recalls. “we wanted to have local bankers, local ownership.

U.S. Sign produces residential, commercial, exterior and interior signage, as well as traffic, information and safety signs. For more information, visit ussigninc.com.

Family Medicine Associates

Family Medicine Associates
 Family Medicine Associates

First National Bank of Broken Arrow is focused on the health of our economy. For over 100 years, we’ve helped businesses grow from big ideas to thriving members of our local community. We’ve been honored to help Broken Arrow’s vital signs to be strong and vibrant.

Your Family Medicine and Minor Emergency Care Provider for Over Five Decades.


When Dr. Leroy Jeske, D.O. graduated from medical school, he soon was faced with a dilemma – where to begin his medical practice.

“You can’t go wrong moving to Broken Arrow,” a fellow physician told him. “the town is wonderful and needs more medical services.”

Dr. Jeske followed his colleague’s advice and established Family Medicine Associates in 1955. A few years later, he opened one of the first Minor Emergency Services in the Broken Arrow area.

Through the years, the clinic has grown and added additional services to meet the needs of its patients. Services include family medicine, sports medicine, minor emergencies, workman’s comp injuries, on-site x-ray services and a certified in-house laboratory.

First National Bank of Broken Arrow has served as the clinic’s bank since 2005.

“Just like Family Medicine Associates, First National Bank is a community-based business and has proven to be a great asset to Broken Arrow,” says Dr. Leske. “The bank staff is very friendly and it’s nice to be able to reach the Senior VP by phone or email when we need assistance.”

Family Medicine Associates is located at 3100 S. Elm Place, Suite A, in Broken Arrow. For more information visit fmaba.com.

Neri and Henry Tran

Neri and Henry Tran Neri and Henry Tran

Ever since opening its doors in 1902, First National Bank of Broken Arrow has played a part in making the American Dream possible for thousands of people. Today, our mission remains the same – to serve our clients with the same passion and attention that we had over a century ago.

Building up. Giving Back.


Henry and Neri Tran have quite a story to tell.

The Tran’s story begins during the turbulent Vietnam War years. Henry was a U.S.-trained helicopter pilot who served in the final years of the war. Immediately following the end of the war, Vietnam became a dangerous place for a former South Vietnam soldier, so in 1979 he and his wife Neri, along with their infant daughter traveled to the United States in search of a better life. They had nothing more than a single suitcase of belongings, the clothes on their backs and $5.

In the beginning, the Trans each worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. They lived in a small apartment on Main Street in Broken Arrow and began saving their money with hopes of becoming business owners.

In 1981, they walked a few doors down the street to First National Bank of Broken Arrow to discuss their desire to purchase a convenience store in Verdigris, Oklahoma – where Neri had been working.

“The people at First National made us feel welcome,” reflects Neri. “They were so ready to help us pursue our goals of being business owners.”

It wasn’t long before their business took off, spurring the Trans to purchase an additional convenience store in Broken Arrow. As they continued to grow both of these bustling businesses, they felt a deep gratitude for their new-found success and decided to start giving back.

“We’ve been so successful,” Neri said. “It was time for us to return the favor, so we began to invest in the downtown we love.”

The Trans sold their two convenience stores and used the proceeds to purchase several buildings on Main Street. They lovingly restored the aging structures and began leasing them to area businesses. This achieved two goals – providing a substantial income for the Trans, as well as helping to kick start the redevelopment in downtown Broken Arrow.

As the Trans began to earn revenue from their commercial real estate business, they embarked on another dream – helping orphaned children in Cambodia near the village where Neri once lived. In 2009, they founded Home of Grace, a Christian orphanage that serves over 60 children.

“Our relationship with First National goes beyond banking,” Neri says. “We consider them family.”


Paul Wheeler, Accent Realtors

Paul Wheeler, Accent Realtors
 Paul Wheeler, Accent Realtors

It takes a solid, stable and reliable foundation to establish and grow a successful small business. Since 1902, First National Bank of Broken Arrow has worked alongside countless entrepreneurs, dreamers and achievers – helping them to pursue their business goals.

Guaranteed Home Sales.


Paul Wheeler arrived in Tulsa with $200 to his name. He had 3 jobs within a week and had enrolled in college. While still in college, majoring in business, Paul bought a few properties. Through that experience he found that the buying process and later the selling process was less than desirable and had many flaws.

“There has to be a better way,” he reflects. “and I’m going to find it.”

One year later, Accent Realtors was born. Paul assembled a team of talented, passionate people and set out to change the real estate business for the better.

Accent Realtors has grown into one of Tulsa’s top residential real estate firms and has been ranked #1 by the Tulsa Business Journal since 2004.

“Our mission is to educate and communicate so our clients can make great decisions in their real estate transactions,” says Paul.

First National Bank of Broken Arrow finances many of their real estate investments and has helped fuel their recent growth.

For more information, visit accentrealtors.com.

Scott Roberts, Family Auto Repair

Scott Robertson, Family Auto RepairScott Roberts, Family Auto Repair

Long-term business success is no easy task. It takes people with big ideas, an insatiable drive for success – and a strong financial foundation to get started and fuel growth. First National Bank of Broken Arrow is proud to have helped businesses thrive since 1902 and continues that tradition today.

Founded on a Passion for Cars.


What drove James and Floyd Henry to start Family Auto Repair back in 1978?

“It was pure passion for cars,” reflects Scott Roberts, nephew of the founders and current owner. “Before they started the business in 1978, they pumped gas and watched their father repair cars at his service station. They were fascinated by how cars and trucks worked and learned how the right care and knowledge could keep them running smoothly.”

Scott began working at Family Auto Repair in the early 1980’s and ten years later he became the manager and then owner. His mother, Brenda Roberts has been the office manager since 1995 and always greets customers with her warm smile.

First National Bank of Broken Arrow was instrumental in the founding of Family Auto Repair and continues to support the company’s financial needs after nearly 40 years.

“Our family has always banked with First National Bank. And they’ve gone above and beyond in every way.” says Scott. “In fact, we work on many of the bank’s vehicles and as well as those of their employees.”

Scott’s business has lasted through both good and challenging economic times. And First National Bank of Broken Arrow has always been a steady and stable financial partner.

“They always go above our expectations and are great to deal with.” he says.

Family Auto Repair offers complete automotive repair and preventative maintenance for all makes and models of cars. To learn more, visit their website at familyautorepairba.com.

Darryl Baskin, EXP Realty

Darryl Baskin, EXP RealtyDarryl Baskin, EXP Realty

Achieving success takes innovation, drive and a network of people you can count on. Most businesses start with an idea and, with the right nurturing, grow into a thriving and profitable venture that can last decades or even generations. First National Bank of Broken Arrow has been a source of financial nourishment since 1902 and continues to take today’s businesses from small beginnings to towering successes.

Real Estate Success Starts with Real Relationships.


“I started in real estate as an understudy of my father in the late 80’s,” Darryl remembers. “After his untimely death, I made the decision to carry on in his footsteps.” He continues. “It seemed like Tulsa’s real estate climate could use a younger, more enthusiastic contender. I was barely 18 when I purchased my first property; 19 when I got my license.”
Like many businesses, Darryl started small.
“I had a really difficult time finding a good financial partner to finance my first land purchase,” he says. “Then I found First National Bank of Broken Arrow. Their commercial loan program was better than anything else I could find out there.”
Upon paying off that initial loan, Darryl leveraged it to purchase a rental property. Then two more after that.
“The process of financing with First National has enabled me to increase our real estate portfolio through a long-term relationship during the good and bad cycles of the economy,” Darryl reflects. “They have been a consistent partner for me since the beginning.”
Darryl’s business has stood the test of time and he has become one of the best-known real estate professionals in the Tulsa Area. He now has a full staff at his EXP office in Bixby.
“I’ve stayed with First National because they’ve done so much for me. While other banks were looking for excuses to call loans due to build cash reserves, the people of First National were asking how they could help me grow my business and what I needed to be successful. And working with them is so easy. They always respect my time and are very proactive and efficient,” he continues. “They have been a crucial part of my business plan since 1998. And I don’t see that changing!”
EXP Realty sets itself apart from other real estate companies by striving to make the buying and selling experience better for their clients. They achieve this advantage by implementing technologically advanced methods such as video tours, video meetings, paperless transactions and proven internet marketing tools. For more information, visit www.darrylbaskin.com

Dayna Matheny, Star Jewelers

Dayna Matheny, Star JewelersDayna Matheny, Star Jewelers

What is more valuable than the most precious jewel? Great relationships. At First National Bank of Broken Arrow, each customer is regarded as priceless. Every transaction is completed with precision. And service always comes with a sparkling smile. It’s been that way since 1902 and continues to this day.

Three Generations. One Bank.

Dayna Matheny vividly remembers the days of walking with her family to the bank across the street from Star Jewelers as a young girl in the 80’s. She recalls seeing the warm interactions between bank staff and her grandfather, Dale Brake, who started their successful Broken Arrow jewelry store back in 1973. As time went on, her mother took over the daily task of making the bank deposits. Then, in 2006, it was her turn to lead Star Jewelers into the future.

“First National Bank of Broken Arrow has always been our bank. I practically grew up with all those bank tellers”, she reflects. “We have such a close relationship with everyone there that we’ve never thought of doing our banking anywhere else. In fact, my grandfather walked across the street to First National Bank with me to open my very first chacking and savings accounts when I turned sixteen. It was such a magical experience that I cherish to this day.”

Star Jewelers is an illustration of stability and success and has occupied the same space on Main Street in Broken Arrow since 1973. It is one of only a few local jewelry stores to have an in-house jeweler – who also happens to be Dayna’s father, Hank. For over 38 years, customers have felt safe leaving their jewelry in his skilled, trustworthy hands for repairs.
“Being community-oriented is so important to us, and First National is a great example,” she continues. “We watch out for them and they do the same for us. In fact, we once had two thieves run out the door after stealing some of our jewelry. Immediately, a group of First National folks ran outside, chased and helped catch them. I’ll never forget it!”
Star Jewelers features fine jewelry from some of the world’s top jewelry designers as well as their own customer designs. Visit their single location at 120 S. Main in Broken Arrow or learn more at www.starjewelers.com.

Rob Irwin, Farmers Insurance

Rob Irwin, Farmers InsuranceRob Irwin, Farmers Insurance

The word, “relationship” seems to be thrown around the banking industry quite often. But at First National Bank of Broken Arrow, it is demonstrated day after day. Since 1902, we have established and maintained strong ties with the great people in our community who have taken risks and started their own businesses – thus driving the local economy forward through both prosperous and challenging times.

Insuring and Inspiring the Community.

There’s no denying that Rob Irwin is a people person. Upon first meeting him, it’s hard to miss his firm handshake, genuine smile and hearty laugh. It was this passion that landed him a great opportunity with Farmers Insurance over 25 years ago. And today he is now the District Manager of Farmers Insurance in Tulsa and the owner of his own thriving insurance firm.

“I always wanted to be in business for myself,” he reflects. “Farmers has a great reputation and I really love the opportunities I get to meet people and form lasting relationships.”

In 2010, Rob decided to purchase a larger building and began the search for a banking partner to finance his purchase.

“First National Bank of Broken Arrow’s great commercial loan rates were the first thing to grab my attention.” he recalls. “But then when I started working with Greg Graham, I truly began to realize how lucky I am to be partnered with such a stable, locally-owned bank. I can’t say enough good things about Greg and his team over there. They are fabulous!”

Farmers Insurance was founded in 1928 with the simple goal of insuring the vehicles of rural farmers. Today, Rob’s agency is part of a successful national company that covers over 10 million households, vehicles, homes and small businesses. For more information, call 918-492-8282.

Dr. Randy Fagan, DDS

Dr. Randy Fagan, DDSDr. Randy Fagan, DDS

At First National Bank of Broken Arrow, you can say that banking runs in the family.  In fact, the Graham family has maintained controlling interest in the bank since 1941 and its current Chairman, Gregory S. Graham, cherishes something his father told him – “Banking is a good living, but its real value is that it leverages your ability to achieve a greater good for the community.”

One Family Business Helping Another.

Randy Fagan probably could have made a successful career as an IT professional but abandoned that livelihood to pursue his dream of becoming a dentist.

Fagan graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 1997 with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and started his second career as the Dental Director for the Tulsa City and County for two years.  He opened his private practice in Broken Arrow in 1999 with his wife, Janice, by his side as the Business Manager.

“When I went from IT to eye teeth in my professional career, it was a leap of faith for Janice and me and our family.  Knowing that the First National family was along with us on the journey gave us great comfort,” relates Dr. Fagan about the start and growth of his dental practice.  “Our dental practice grew and in 2009 our relationship with First National allowed us to build a fabulous, stand alone facility to serve our patients.”

The Fagan website, www.randyfagandds.com, not only details the state-of-the-art facility at 4710 W. Urbana Ave, in Broken Arrow, but also shares stories about other family members and employees that are invested in making the practice patient and family friendly to the community.

Liberty Laundry

Liberty LaundryLiberty Laundry

As defined online, “a community bank is an institution that is typically locally owned and operated.  Lending decisions are made by people who understand the local needs of families, businesses and the community at large.”   

Since 1902, First National Bank of Broken Arrow has understood the needs of the families and businesses who want to thrive in our community.  At First National, making lending decisions normally balances character and family history over credit scores.

Developing A Business With A Spotless Reputation.

Throughout his professional career, John Henderson had always dreamed of coming up with that one in a million business idea that he could share and grow with his sons.  After hundreds of hours of research, phone calls, online surfing, devouring business books and, some personal insight from one of his sons, John came up with a strategy for a unique, one of a kind laundry business in 2005.

“I guess you could say we did our due diligence but, we were still going to have to find a bank that could share our passion for starting Liberty Laundry,” related owner John Henderson.  “First National recommended an SBA loan and with their expertise, they worked hand-in-hand with us to go through that process.  I’m not sure another bank would have labored through that to get us started with our first store in Broken Arrow.”

The second location opened just North of 71st and Sheridan in Tulsa and First National has already funded the construction of Liberty Laundry’s newest and third location near Jenks.

The coin operated laundry of yesterday is a glimmer of what Liberty Laundry has built in just eight years.  Go to www.libertylaundryok.com to learn how first class service combined with hometown values and friendliness has made Liberty Laundry into the success story that it is today.