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Dr. Randy Fagan, DDS

At First National Bank of Broken Arrow, you can say that banking runs in the family.  In fact, the Graham family has maintained controlling interest in the bank since 1941 and its current Chairman, Gregory S. Graham, cherishes something his father told him – “Banking is a good living, but its real value is that it leverages your ability to achieve a greater good for the community.”

One Family Business Helping Another.

Randy Fagan probably could have made a successful career as an IT professional but abandoned that livelihood to pursue his dream of becoming a dentist.

Fagan graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 1997 with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and started his second career as the Dental Director for the Tulsa City and County for two years.  He opened his private practice in Broken Arrow in 1999 with his wife, Janice, by his side as the Business Manager.

“When I went from IT to eye teeth in my professional career, it was a leap of faith for Janice and me and our family.  Knowing that the First National family was along with us on the journey gave us great comfort,” relates Dr. Fagan about the start and growth of his dental practice.  “Our dental practice grew and in 2009 our relationship with First National allowed us to build a fabulous, stand alone facility to serve our patients.”

The Fagan website,, not only details the state-of-the-art facility at 4710 W. Urbana Ave, in Broken Arrow, but also shares stories about other family members and employees that are invested in making the practice patient and family friendly to the community.


Custom Heat & Air

More than twenty years ago, the big banks invented the title of Personal Banker to make customers feel like they had a personal connection with someone at their bank.  At First National Bank of Broken Arrow, your personal banker is more than likely your neighbor, the parent of one of your child’s friends, or the referee on the soccer field.

A Relationship That Has Lasted Three Decades.

If you live in Northeastern Oklahoma, you’ve definitely heard of Custom Heat & Air or Custom Services.  You may be comfortable in your office or home because of the quality technicians that Bob and Dana Townsend trained to be the best.

“Dana and I had only been married about one year when the HVAC company I worked for went bankrupt,” remembers Bob Townsend, owner of Custom Services with his wife.  “I had an opportunity to do a good size manufacturing job but didn’t have the money to buy the equipment.  I went to Scott Graham at First National and asked for a loan.  Two days later he called me to his office to turn me down but gave me some sound advice on running a business and shook my hand.”

Bob and Dana then went to another financial institution and paid over 20% on a one year note to get the job done .

“Once we started the business and started paying on that loan, we decided to pay cash for everything we did to build our credit,” recalls Dana Townsend about the first three years.  “Every Friday we checked our cash on hand and that is a business practice we maintain to this day thanks in part to fiscal advice from Mr. Graham at First National.”

In 1982, Bob and Dana decided to build their first facility and went back to First National, got the loan and have been loyal customers for more than 30 years!

Custom Services runs their business based upon building a strong relationship and trust among employees.  The result has allowed Custom Services to provide quality heating and air conditioning services at a fair price and lets employees earn ownership of the company.  To learn more about Custom Services, go to


The Farquhar Allstate Agency

First National Bank of Broken Arrow opened its doors in 1902 and the values and traditions of more than a century ago are still evident today.  We still have a passion for people, their dreams and ultimately, their successes.  In 2008, First National started one customer on the road to success and with his dedication and hard work; he put himself in good hands.  

When You Know You’re In Good Hands.

After several years in the life and annuity business, Jeff Farquhar decided to get into the insurance industry where he could better provide for his family over the long haul.  He joined a local Allstate agency as manager of one of their offices so that he could learn firsthand about the business – a business he would soon buy!

“Putting the financial offer and deal together was the easy part, finding a financial partner was a struggle,” remembers Farquhar about the initial agency purchase.  “My mentor and I met with three different banks and we never felt that they understood what our goals and objectives were and, never grasped the concept of this Allstate insurance business.”

After many months of frustration and at the advice of an ex loan officer of one of the three banks, they met with First National of Broken Arrow and according to Farquhar, “they seemed to get what we were trying to do right away.”

Fast forward to 2013, four insurance agency acquisitions later, and the relationship between the Farquhar Allstate Agency and First National has become a partnership of growth.

“The last two acquisitions were conducted on a cell phone call to Greg Graham (Chairman of the Board)”, relates Farquhar.  “I honestly believe that a lot of the credit for our success is our close business and personal relationship with First National.”

If you want your insurance to be in good hands, go to  and read why Jeff Farquhar counts more than 3,000 people as satisfied customers.


Kenny Smith Homes

As a community bank, First National Bank of Broken Arrow has always been an integral financial partner with homebuilders and home buyers in Northeastern Oklahoma.  Since the bank opened its doors in 1902, the housing market has cycled through numerous ups and downs but, the relationship between the builder, the buyer, and the bank always comes first at First National.

We Nailed Down Building Relationships.

While trying to survive the telecommunications rollercoaster at WorldCom and Williams Communications in 1985, Kenny Smith started a homebuilding business on the side as a second career.

“I realized early on that the only way to be successful as a homebuilder was to establish a close relationship with a bank,” recalls Kenny Smith.  “As luck would have it, one of the first bankers I sat down with was Greg Graham from First National.  Eighteen years later, I’m still building houses, working with Greg and he is now Chairman of the bank!”

Kenny Smith Homes prides itself on building affordable, quality homes in the $150-200,000 range.  His philosophy mirrors what First National has tried to do for more than 110 years – treat customers with fairness, respect and honesty.

“When I have someone interested in building a custom home, I schedule an appointment with Greg at First National for myself and the customer to sit down and go over their financial options,” relates Smith about his homebuilding process.  “When I introduce the customer to the Chairman of the Board of the bank, they feel pretty comfortable.”

Affordability and quality are the standards at Kenny Smith Homes.  To check out some his featured homes, go to


Gene Larew Lures

What do donuts and bank loans have in common?  It could be that the relationships built over a glazed donut may be more important than a slick business plan.  Since 1902, banking at First National Bank of Broken Arrow has been a relationship, not a transaction.

From Natural Gas to Luring Bass.

Chris Lindenberg could have been content with running his successful natural gas business, Hawkins Filtration, but when an opportunity to buy Western Filter opened up in Houston in 1984, he needed the financial help of his Daylight Donut cohort.

“Nobody was loaning money to anyone in the energy industry in 1984, but Scott Graham (my donut buddy) at First National saw the long term potential,” reflected Lindenberg about the start of his relationship with the bank.  “When we got the money from First National to buy Western Filter, I made a promise that day to the folks at the bank – you will have my business for life!”

Over the last thirty years, First National of Broken Arrow has provided banking services and lines of credit for all of Lindenberg’s six businesses.  

Fast forward to 2006 and a Lindenberg phone call to the current First National Chairman of the Board, Gregory S. Graham, casts the first line in the water for the purchase of Gene Larew Lures.

“When I saw the business opportunity for Larew Lures, the deal had to be done almost immediately,” Lindenberg remembers, “so I make a personal call to the Chairman of the Board of my bank to get the deal done.  How many customers have the cell phone number for the Chairman of the Board of their bank!”


Liberty Laundry

As defined online, “a community bank is an institution that is typically locally owned and operated.  Lending decisions are made by people who understand the local needs of families, businesses and the community at large.”   

Since 1902, First National Bank of Broken Arrow has understood the needs of the families and businesses who want to thrive in our community.  At First National, making lending decisions normally balances character and family history over credit scores.

Developing A Business With A Spotless Reputation.

Throughout his professional career, John Henderson had always dreamed of coming up with that one in a million business idea that he could share and grow with his sons.  After hundreds of hours of research, phone calls, online surfing, devouring business books and, some personal insight from one of his sons, John came up with a strategy for a unique, one of a kind laundry business in 2005.

“I guess you could say we did our due diligence but, we were still going to have to find a bank that could share our passion for starting Liberty Laundry,” related owner John Henderson.  “First National recommended an SBA loan and with their expertise, they worked hand-in-hand with us to go through that process.  I’m not sure another bank would have labored through that to get us started with our first store in Broken Arrow.”

The second location opened just North of 71st and Sheridan in Tulsa and First National has already funded the construction of Liberty Laundry’s newest and third location near Jenks.

The coin operated laundry of yesterday is a glimmer of what Liberty Laundry has built in just eight years.  Go to to learn how first class service combined with hometown values and friendliness has made Liberty Laundry into the success story that it is today.


Tulsa Dermatology Clinic, Inc.

Historically, it was said that young boys arrived at the Oklahoma Military Academy (OMA) to live to learn and to learn to live; and they left as young men.  Back in the 1950s, two of these young men graduated from the West Point of the Southwest and later formed a professional relationship that would last more than 35 years.

Our Relationship Is More Than Skin Deep.

They say timing is everything.  Dr. Charles Doran was one of the founding doctors of Tulsa Dermatology Clinic when he reconnected with OMA classmate, Scott Graham, of First National Bank of Broken Arrow.  The bank worked with Doran and the other founding doctors to build their practice on 21st St. in midtown Tulsa.

“For more than 35 years, our relationship with First National has been more like a partnership,” relates Benita Duncan, who manages the business end of this icon of dermatology in Tulsa.  “Every time we have needed to expand or renovate the clinic or, when we expanded to our second location in Claremore, it began with a simple phone call to First National.”

Even though Tulsa Dermatology is located in midtown Tulsa and surrounded by dozens of banks, this long term relationship is summed up very simply by the person who has handled the operations of the clinic from day one.

“Our business is focused on the wellness of our patients,” said Benita “and our banking relationship with First National very simply takes care of the fiscal end of the clinics.”

At Tulsa Dermatology Clinic, you will always be evaluated and treated by a board-certified dermatologist, not a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.  To find out more about the Clinic, go to