Mortgage Lending

New Home Construction Loans

Along with the best construction rate in town, we offer a variety of attractive long-term mortgage plans. Whether it’s a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage, First National Bank can build the program that’s right for you. So, pick the location, pick the floor plan. Pick the amenities and color scheme you want. Then pick up the phone and call us, 918-251-5371.

Reduced Closing Costs/180-Day Rate Locks with Float Down Option

If you're building a new home, be sure to check into First National Bank’s exclusive half-point advantage. It can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in construction costs. That can mean big savings on your monthly payments. And since you're dealing with local decision-makers, you get fast credit approval - usually within 48 hours. If you are anxious to have your loan approved so you can lock in a specific rate, ask about our 180-day lock program with float down option.

Still have questions? Don't worry. We'll be with you every step of the way to make sure you have the information you need to make the right decision.

Bridge Financing

If you must sell your existing home before you can secure permanent financing on a new one, First National Bank can “bridge” the time gap between the closing date on the sale of an existing home.